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Branch Meetings

First Monday of the month

Branch meetings are normally held at the Coundon Social Club, Shorncliffe Road, Coventry CV6 1GP

This is your chance to have your say regarding branch matters, so please try to attend.

Note! The Club is actually at the back of Shorncliffe Road.

Go to the bottom end of Shorncliffe Road, turn right at Kingsbury Road and you'll see the school gates. The Club entrance is just to the right of the gates.

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2012 / 2013

As usual, the last football season was very difficult to predict!  Nearly everyone had Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea in the top three but few had them in the right order. Only one person guessed all three relegation contenders, although lots of people predicted Wigan and Reading would be going down.  Only one person predicted the correct first managerial casualty and, as usual we were all far too optimistic about SAFC’s final league position with no-one guessing it would be as low as 17th. 

So now I have finished the marking and it was good to have an outright winner – Steve Lloyd from Network Rail (NWR) with 100 points.  Steve will soon receive a cheque for £31 which represents half the proceeds.

Close behind on 90 points was Lorraine Herriott, P McLaughlin (NWR) and me!

Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s competition.  Special thanks again must go to Rich Walton for encouraging so many of his colleagues at Network Rail to enter the competition.  I’m really pleased that after supporting our competition for so long, one of them has finally won

Next season’s form, will be with you before the start of the new season – let’s hope for much better from the lads next year.

Sue L




FA Premier League top three teams





1          Man Utd

2          Man City


3          Chelsea


FA Premier League bottom three teams





18        Wigan


19        Reading


20        QPR

FA Premier League top goalscorer


Van Persie

No of premier league goals scored by top goalscorer


FA Premier League highest scoring team


Man Utd

FA Premier League lowest scoring team



One FA Premier League manager to be sacked/resign between 5th September 2011 and Christmas

Di Matteo / Hughes

One club to be promoted from the Championship


Cardiff/Hull/Crystal Palace

An FA Cup finalist team


Wigan / Man City

Final League position of Sunderland AFC



How many different players will start for Sunderland AFC in the first 5 games from 15 September (including cup games)






After struggling for some time to persuade an ex-player to pay us a visit, Jeanette’s hard work finally paid off. For the first time in the short history of the HOE we had the pleasure of not one, but two ex-players paying us a visit on the eve of the Villa game. The legendary Jimmy Montgomery was joined by his Cup Winning team mate Dick Malone, and what a pair they were. From the moment they arrived the banter between them was incessant. One would start telling a story only for the other one to interrupt with a different version or just a bit of micky taking. We heard stories from the cup run and the final. Stories about some of the players they had played with and stories about their careers. All told with humour and a fair bit of humility. All questions thrown at them from the floor received quality answers. The highlight of the evening though had to be the raffle. One of Steve Mac’s entourage managed to spirit away Steve’s copy of the Cup Final programme and convinced Jimmy that when all of the other prizes had been given out that one of Steve’s tickets should be ‘drawn out of the hat’ as the last one. Jimmy of course was well up for a bit more micky taking and agreed. Steve of course, totally oblivious to what was going on, was over the moon when his number was drawn. Up he went to collect his prize and was half way back to his seat when he realised that the ‘prize’ was in fact his own programme. Cue Steve chasing Jimmy halfway round the club much to everyone’s >delight. All in all a brilliant night in the company of two very humble and enchanting men. They signed countless autographs and posed for no end of photos. They certainly weren’t in any hurry to finish, I’m sure they would of gone on into the early hours if we hadn’t called proceedings to a halt at 11.30. They both told me that they had enjoyed the evening immensely and would come again any time. Jimmy also added that he would help Jeanette in the future to obtain appearances form other ex-players.

Chris Herriott

Micky Horswill/Ritchie Pitt visit to HOESAFCSA – 20/09/13

Although events on Saturday/Sunday somewhat put Friday in the shade, I found the evening fascinating, better even than the Monty/Malone one, perhaps they were more open with us being a smaller group(?)

Of course it helped to have Micky’s spicy tales of living with George Best to colour the occasion!

The (delayed by M1 madness) evening began with succinct resumes by both players of their careers. How nice it was to hear Ritchie acknowledge that his Dad was right to get him to complete his education in light of his sadly short playing career. In Micky’s case it was touching to hear him speak so fondly of Alan Brown. How many of us could feel so warmly towards our bosses, particularly if they were strict disciplinarians?

They then moved onto the build-up to “THE” final with the extraordinary situation of Ritchie returning from a sort of loan to Arsenal to form that crucial partnership with Watson. Micky spoke fondly of the Leeds players attitude immediately after the end of the final. It was good to discover that the “GOD” that is Stokoe was in fact loved and hated in equal measure by his players. Their simple analysis of Stokoe’s success being the unloosening of Alan Browns rigid style of play, their insight into training and playing conditions “way back”(?) then, the revelation of their pay, especially the dreadful FA cup remuneration. Above all, their humility, as local lads, doing what they always dreamt of AND being paid for it. I loved Micky’s tale of asking for a rise from £17 per week and “settling” for a reduction to £16!! Most telling by way of contrast to today’s player power was the story of Micky’s transfer, with Dennis Tueart, to Man City. I know there has been much talk of the break-up of the cup winning side, and what might have been achieved if they had stayed together, but to hear the minute detail of the scandalous way in which players were sold, like slaves, – as recently as 1974 – was quite shocking.

They then shared with us their views on the present team etc. Notwithstanding what was to happen at The Hawthorns the next day – PDC’s post match antics surely sealing his fate – they made a scary review of “the spine” of the current team compared to last seasons and could not see a single improvement!!

Anyway, for me, a super evening in the company of two genuine Sunderland fans who just happened to be players too.

Thank you Jeanette and Sue.

Pete Lynn

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